TotTP Episode 094 – The Dykiest Man I’ve Ever Seen



Courtney3000 is back this week, and it is a new chapter for both Daniel and Courtney. Courtney is now single after a breakup with her boyfriend of 4 years, and she’s handling it fairly well. Meanwhile, Daniel is embarking on a new career journey . . . . A voyage through the skies.

Courtney has also been delving into new career paths. Some of which include, cuddling and nude modeling. One gig even entailed that she let the Dykiest Man she’d ever seen to lowkey fuck her. This segues into a story about a police officer who was fired because of her past as a dominatrix.

Finally, we discuss whether or not telling women that drinking while pregnant is actually sexist. Don’t forget to check out this show and other shows on Radio Vegas, Sunday nights at 6pm Pacific time.

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