TotTP Episode 093 – Princesses Need to Learn to Suck Too



This week on Toe on the Trigger, Daniel is joined again by the lovely Niquole and new guest Trin-I-T.
They discuss whether or not you have to inform someone that you are transgender before you hook up with them. Is it a form of rape if you don’t tell someone due to informed consent. The discussion turned to parental rights on the sexuality of their children.
The first half closes with a discussion on accepted norms in societies and how it’s getting to be out of control. Pedophiles want rights to sexually identify and express their “sexual orientation”
After the break, then group brainstorms some ways that the show can support itself. Then, they finish the list from last week about the different types of fuck boy; and Niquole finds her Fuckboy.
Finally the show closes with a story about a Tinder date who just wouldn’t leave.

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