TotTP Episode 092 – Shit Blood and Cum



This week, Daniel is joined again by Courtney3000 and brand new guest: Niquole. The trio discusses Niquole’s current relationship with past TotT veteran Eriq “Shaft” Johnson. Apparently, Eriq is an ass man, and Niquole being the wonderful girlfriend that she is, gave Eriq her ass for the first time. She goes into – probably too much – detail about how her first two experiences went.
Before the break, the crew discusses a topic written by a feminist taking the stance that people who sleep with prostitutes are rapists. She fails to take into account the fact that prostitution is a consensual agreement between two adults.
Back from the break, Daniel, Courtney and Niquole pick apart each other’s names and then talk again about how much hate Courtney has gotten in the past.
Fuckboy is a word that floats in the lexicon of American society. There isn’t really a set definition. But, what is a fuckboy, and what are the differences between the different types of fuckboys? There are many different types, and no one relates to any of them. Many conversations branch from this discussion. Ranging from feminism to defending whether or not Daniel is actually a fuckboy.
We got a call on the show from BRob again. He had some positive thoughts and pieces of advice. This advice included dropping “nigger from the show’s vocabulary. This idea spirals the show down a slightly racist rabbit hole.
To end the show, Courtney discusses some of her daddy issues that can be exploited just in case you guys were wondering.

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