TotTP Episode 090 – Shit and Suicide



Daniel is joined again by the Courtney3000, and the first order of business is about fan thoughts on Courtney. Love her or hate her; she isn’t going very far for very long. But, if you do want to tell her how you feel about her, feel free to call the hotline or email the show. She is open to all of your opinions.
The feminists are attacking again. This time the enemy is the beard. A hair stylist is dying her husband’s beard to reflect the colors of a unicorn. Of course, sometimes the pussy is so good; you just go along with whatever weird notions they suggest.
A new trend is taking over in Russia. Because the adolescent suicide rate is so high in Russia; an unknown group of people exploited this by creating a game that leads teens into a 50 day journey that eventually ends in their suicide. This topic leads down a suicidal rabbit hole about Daniel and Courtney’s view on suicide, and their experience with it. They also talk about death and how people react to it.
In the news, a Texas man attempts to sue a woman for texting the entire time on their date. Though the matter was settled outside of court, Daniel agrees that justice was served. Courtney thinks it was a bit excessive.
All of these dating conundrums could be avoided if people just engaged in Sologymy. Sologymy is a new trend creeping across the country in which women marry themselves to solidify their love for themselves. Think it’s a bit pathetic? Well, you’re right. And, of course capitalism came in to save the poor feminists by supplying an I Married Me kit containing a ring, vows, and affirmation cards.
Then, Courtney has to get dark and discuss the death of her mom and how dead parent jokes are fun, and you have to joke about the negative things in life to cope.
Somehow, the conversation turns from death and suicide to shitting. Daniel tells a fucked up story about enemas and constipation, and Courtney has 2 even more horrific stories where her body turned on her.
There is much love in the podcast community. Much of that love is bestowed upon TotT. The first case was a shoutout done by Adam from EHAP. He definitely rubbed Daniel’s cock about how good his memes are on Facebook. Daniel loved how appreciated he was for his meme lord skills. The second piece of love came from Kitty the Accidental Racist at Afterburn739. She told a cute little joke to make many SJWs go nuts. This then goes into a talk about systemic racism.


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