TotTP Episode 089 -Is Herpes a Demon?



Daniel is joined once again by the Courtney3000. The show starts off with a bad omen when Daniel has a problem with the local coffee machine. After airing their coffee grievances, the show begins.
Courtney’s newest venture of selling panties has broadened her career path into making pornettes with her boyfriend. It will take her some time to get her vagina to look just right. Courtney decides to be good to the listeners. If you want some videos of the one and only Courtney3000, inquire by emailing
There is a new term floating around the internet: Stealthing. Stealthing is the act of removing the condom without the consent of the partner. The debate is whether or not stealthing is a form of rape. There is definitely an aspect of rape there. Speaking of rape, Courtney has a definite rape fetish. Cinematic or real, Courtney loves the idea of rape.
Another trend that is touching the internet is combating online bullying. One service online is to “kill” a bully. What this entails is writing the name of the bully on a piece of paper and destroy that piece of paper to tarnish a person’s name. Of course this is a retarded way to combat anything, let alone internet trolls.
Back from the break, our two friends talk about cock rings. Daniel had a friend who got a cock ring stuck on his dick. Daniel then busts out his “cock lasso” from his drawer of sex toys, which is dwindling. His toys have gone missing, and he’s okay with that; ’cause he jerks off the old-fashioned way. No matter if it’s at work, or in the car, Courtney agrees that she should probably cut back on her masturbation. It’s becoming a problem.
The problem with the masturbation may be caused by the spirit realm. Of course the Christians have a theory about masturbation. Their theory: masturbation attracts demons into your life to cause you to masturbate more.
Through a series of random rabbit holes, Daniel and Courtney arrive at the topic of Star Wars. They give their opinions on Star Wars and other movies.
If you want to contact the show, you can do show by hitting the Take A Shot Button, or emailing Or, you can call the show at 863-546-8688. We got some emails and calls this weekend. One email came from a concerned citizen telling Daniel to leave girls alone. This was followed by a call from somebody telling him the same thing. Finally, two calls from a new listener, General Sid; who seems to be getting a blowjob or something.

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