TotTP Episode 088 – Blowjob . . . No Rice, No Beans



Daniel is joined by previous cohost, Courtney3000. Courtney discusses the reason why she left the show for so long, and Daniel tried to boost her morale to keep her coming back so that is job of finding cohosts can be minimized.
Right out of the gate, Daniel figures he’ll stir the pot by sharing an article done by some feminist at Cosmopolitan arguing against ever giving blowjobs. Cosmopolitan writer Hannah Smothers does her best to convince Courtney how blowjobs are terrible, and that she should not only never do it again, but she should never want to do it again.
During all this, Daniel poses the famous question: What is a blowjob? Courtney starts with the theory of a blowjob just being the act of someone’s dick. Daniel changes her mind in a couple short minutes. Through all of Ms. Smothers’ terrible ideas, there are some that Courtney can agree with. Courtney also admits to letting her pussy get stanky during masturbation.
Back from the break, Daniel tries yet again to get Courtney to fuck him. She says no, yet again; and also shares how creepy Daniel is when he texts her out of the blue.
Courtney reveals her latest career venture. She is going to team up with her “business partner” to sell panties. The internet is filled with men who would pay for just about anything. This includes up to $200 for a pair of underwear worn by a lovely young woman, She may also venture into the world of camgirls.
Daniel decides it’s been far too long since he’s gotten in trouble because of the podcast. So, in order to restore balance, he decided to sgare his latest issue with Courtney. His latest crisis: a girl that he likes and who likes him gets mad at him for sleeping with another girl. Was Daniel in the wrong? Give your input.
The Toe on the Trigger hotline finally got a voicemail from a funny guy named Rob from “Random Ramblings with Rob”. He questions the name of the show and rants about amputees.
The show closes out with Courtney sharing her pet peeve of ugly babies, talking about how ugly her friend was as a baby. They discuss functioning drug addicts, and then close out the show.

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