TotTP Episode 087 – Gareth’s Toe on the Trigger



This week, Daniel flipped the roles and became the guest. He joined his friend’s from down under: Gareth and Bex from Gareth’s Random Ramblings.

Right out of the gate, Daniel asks Bex the question he is dying to know: What is a blowjob? After some pussyfooting around terminology and modesty, Bex finally reveals what her idea of a blowjob is. We get a sneak peak into the more intimate aspects of Gareth and Bex’s relationship.

They talk about podcasting and speaking freely, as well as cultural differences between America and Australia or New Zealand (Let’s admit, same thing). They go into different names for the Monte Crisco and different fair foods and deep fried foods. Daniel breaks down for the poor “Kiwis” the difference between foods by region.

This leads to a nice piece of racism about Mexicans and black folk. Bex shares which words are appropriate and which aren’t, and they discuss American accents and regional cultures; and what it means to be a Californian.

The show ends with Gareth and Daniel questioning Bex’s logic in regards to daytime walks.

If you like Gareth and Bex, check them out here.


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