TotTP Episode 086 – Let Me Know When You’re Menstruating



Returning guest Gareth of Gareth’s Random Ramblings joins Daniel yet again. This time around, Gareth decides to actually lets Daniel talk this time.

Gareth and Daniel compare the various weather patterns of their respective countries, and go into talk of Fast and the Furious and Paul Walker’s demise.

Of course, Paul Walker jokes are in poor taste, but Daniel and Gareth are no strangers to bad jokes in public. Daniel enjoys saying weird things when his stories are interrupted by other people. It is amazing to see how often people don’t notice.

Gareth tells the story about when he was going to a funeral and a big cunt of a woman made his day a little worse when she started yelling at everyone. Daniel discloses one of his funeral wishes, and shares one of the weirdest porn genres he has ever heard of. This raises the question: Is period porn a thing?

Back from the break, Gareth and Daniel give their vast knowledge on Disney and Disney movies. They hate on how perfect The Rock is, and how movies are all just shitting all over themselves with reboots.

Then, comes the mean part. The guys rag on Mike Jolitz for not being able to be mad and how he is just a cheery person. But, they also talk about how he may actually be a certain sandwich spokesperson.

In case you needed a geography lesson, that is what Daniel and Gareth are here for. Daniel reminds Gareth that California is a little bigger than he thinks it is; and Gareth uses animals to describe Australia.

Finally a question that plagues Daniel: What is a blowjob? Is it just getting your dick sucked, or is it getting a blowjob from start to finish? The ending opinion: Finish that shit or don’t call it a job

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