TotTP Episode 085 – Racism Didn’t Used to Be That Bad



This week, Daniel is all the way in Ohio, in Scrish Bar with the crew from Afterburn739 (Midgey, Fez, Cobra. Leo, and Kitty) Daniel has been swipin’ on Tinder since he’s been on his little break. What he’s learned is that he is a California 4 and Michigan 7. Looks like it may be time for him to pack his stuff and move.

The show immediately tailspins between black chicken slingers and the way Amish treat their animals. There is actually a nice lesson on the Amish culture in there somewhere.

Daniel is relying on the gang to run his show; and Midgey came prepared with some sexy fetishes. The first of which is “semen tributes”. The jizz – ahem, I mean gist – of this is to have mn print out a woman’s picture and jizz all over it. Next on the list: Furries, and plushies. For those weird people who like to cough up fur balls after cunnilingus. Daniel goes into his fetish of pussy worship.

The show goes south, fast. After a brief discussion on the word “cunt” then, “nigger” and “faggot” are thrown around very loosely.

After the break, the group goes into the newest law that makes it illegal to bang an animal. The worst part about this law is it JUST went into effect. Leo tests Cobra’s legal knowledge when it comes to any potential loopholes that may be involved.

The second half didn’t go far without some more racism. White people get ashy.

Racism isn’t as deep as they’ll go. They’ll also fuck animals, including giraffes.

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