TotTP Episode 084 -Falling Down the Porn Hole



On this week’s show, Daniel is joined by Fear Innes, the host of FYFCast and FearCast. They discuss the origins of Fear and his co-hosts, and how their show got its start.
In Boston, Pornhub of all places has stepped in to plow all the snow from the recent storm. Pornhub is actually a great company that gives back to the community in big ways.
According to some fucking article, eating pussy can help a women’s health. Whether or not that’s not true, is a case by case basis. But for the guys, they are fully willing to help their women be as healthy as possible. Even if this means no more blowjobs, they are fully willing to do what they need to do to make their women happy. This leads the boys down the porn hole to all the weird porn they’ve watched.
Daniel tries to bring up the friendzone with Fear . . . who’s been married for years. But, Fear knows the concept. It may not have been called that, but friendzoning is a curse as old as time itself. Out of all the “staying out of the friendzone” tips, Daniel and Fear manage to make them all extremely rapey and also advocate rape and how most women have it coming.
After the break, Daniel delves into some Astrology. Telling about the sexual nature of Leos and Geminis. Daniel realizes his manipulation, and I guess it’s the fault of the stars. The topic of what are the nastiest sex facts about different signs. Fear, the Leo is the center of attention. Daniel, the Gemini is natural am upbeat conservationist in bed.


Dear Abby,

My neighbor across the street is abusing his family. Should I reach out to the family and offer support, or should I mind my own business and protect my family.


It’s hard to stand back and watch bad tings happen to people, but it’s also hard to risk getting involved in something that can endanger you and your loved ones.
There is a woman who holds the record for most sexual partners at once in the biggest ganbang in history.
You can find Fear’s work by checking him out on FearCast or FYFCast

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