TotTP Episode 082 – Adam and Bryon (EHAP)



Daniel is joined by Bryon and Adam of “Everyone has a Podcast“. The conversation takes off at full speed as they touch on parenting, and Bryon’s autism. All his life, Bryon wondered what was wrong with him. Turns out – Autism! Go figure.

The big question: What did YOU do for Women’s Day? This is a topic that ramps Adam up. He feels as though the real day should be “Wage Gap Day”. And, that he believes is the problem. He sees the wage gap as being a mostly reasonable gap. A gap that exists because jobs pay what jobs are worth regardless of the gender of the person in the position. Also, gladiators, and infant death? Also, Adam calls Daniel “David”.


In Spain, there’s a brothel for people to come in and fuck a sex doll. But, there are many issues with sex dolls. The main one: The lack of humanity. But, Daniel and the boys from EHAP come up with many solutions to improve the sad state of affairs in the sex doll world. These include eyelids and and a voice.


After talking about ass moles and rape, the conversation goes into the obvious direction: Jesus. Specifically, Catholic Jesus. And, not just Jesus; but his followers. Well, Catholics, mostly.

Next, awkward social situations like elevators and dick or ass etiquette when walking through a movie theater. Or, how about when people pace you when you’re walking. That awkward zone where the person just makes you extremely nervous.

What grinds Adam’s gears? Fuckin’ Deadpool. It was incredibly overrated, and has had entirely too much internet notoriety. This leads into Round two of “Let’s Shit on Kevin Smith”. Obviously, he’s done great shit. But, his messianic presence is a bit sickening. This gives birth to #NotMyMessiah.

After the break, we are joined by the one and only Canadian Jesse Ventura. He has a lot to say regarding nanomachines, zombie nazis, fluoride and many other globalist agendas. He is selling a book, which you can buy with Bitcoin or Ventura Bucks. So, check that out if you want.

After he left, Jesse Ventura sent Daniel an article regarding saving yourself digitally after death. A company has developed an app that scans you and loads you into the app to be immortalized after death. This conversation goes very deep. They question mortality, and discuss what the afterlife might look like if the digital realm were to really exist.

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