TotTP Episode 081 – Where Da Hobos At?



Daniel is joined this week from Lorne from “The Bold and Belligerent” podcast. Lorne is from Las Vegas, and Daniel is very familiar with the sin and self-destruction that the city brings. After Lorne discusses sexual coffee joints, Daniel reminds everyone of his trip to a very sketchy strip club, where the day shift girl was sporting a botched boob job.

The internet has taken its toll on society. It is clear that civilization is not ready for all that it has to offer. This is of course true of all the big internet “stars” who do things simply for likes. Underneath all the mindless drivel, it’s just a bunch of angry trolls trying to pull themselves away from their own stark realities.

Sometimes the best thing a man can do to keep himself from making fucked up decisions is to simply rub one out. This helps Daniel to keep away from double handjobs (That don’t count as sex), and breaking into his vast rolodex of pussy and be used as a human sex toy.

A new type of weed is hitting the market. It’s target: undersexed women. Sexxpot is a type of weed that keeps women horny so the men in their lives won’t go completely insane by the lack of moisture in their undercarriage.

With Vegas being the town filled with all kinds of odd people, Lorne breaks some news about the man who was caught after beating several homeless people to death with hammers. Though he admits it is fucked up, he can’t help but think that maybe the man was doing the Lord’s work. It is the opinion of the two that most homeless people are just an ungrateful drain on society.

A point of contention for podcasters worldwide would be Daniel and Lorne’s opinion on how overrated Kevin Smith is and how he just perpetuates sleezy laziness in the nerd community.

What show would be complete without a discussion on the Snowflake generation, and the overpussification of America and acceptance of asinine beliefs? The discussion delves into transgendered, people who identify as animals, and people who identify as disabled.

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