TotTP Episode 080 – The Curse of Gareth: My Legos Never Lied to Me



This episode of the Toe on the Trigger, Daniel is joined by Gareth from “Gareth’s Random Ramblings” who hijacks the show with his own – Random Ramblings.

They discuss podcasting, and the evolution of Gareth’s podcast from its humble beginnings on a laptop in his car. They discuss the way podcasting can bring people together and help people put their content into the world.

Gareth talks about how he uses humor to help him deal with the problems that he faces in his life. Nothing is off limits when it comes to humor including miscarriages and 9/11.

Somewhere in Australia, there’s a bar that doesn’t allow men to pick up on women. Women can pick up on men, and if they do; the men have to talk to them like they would there mothers. Calling them cunts and bitches is not outside the realm of possibility. Gareth wishes this bar would’ve been around when he was younger so that he would’ve had an excuse as to why he never picked up girls.

The Random Ramblings bleed into movie talk. They discuss the various remakes and reboots of Disney movies and “Star Wars”.

Daniel talks about the intern he wants to rage fuck because of her complete inability to have a decent conversation with him.

Gareth buys Legos to get through his crippling depression, and feel like he’s loved by something.

Find Gareth on Twitter @grrpod or on his website at

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