TotTP Episode 079 – Rusty Trombones and Genital Freezing



Daniel is on his own in the world without Kinky Cassie for the first time. To start off the new chapter of TotT, Daniel invited Mike Jolitz from “The Mike Jolitz Show” to spend an hour with him. They spend a good portion of the first half discussing what makes a podcast, and owning your own content when making a show, not letting people direct your show. They also delve into the elements of comedy.

No episode of TotT would be complete without sex talk. The first order of business: Genital freezing. Genital freezing, dubbed “Love Mist” is a trend in the UK involving spraying liquid nitrogen onto your junk to increase bloodflow and boost endorphins. The “procedure” is supposed to improve your sex life. Mike says that he would only do it if someone else paid for him to have it done.

Another fun thing people are doing in the bedroom is the rusty trombone. “What is a rusty trombone?” you ask. Well, it is when a man gets a rim job while receiving a handjob. Well, the fine folks at Cosmopolitan have made a list of proper etiquette when giving and receiving a rusty trombone. There are many things to know like foreplay, using lube, and cleanliness to take into account before going to the land down under.

Naturally Daniel can relate to kinkiness and the occasional assplay. He shares about how he is actually not as kinky as people peg him as (pardon the pun). This may have to do with the age at which Daniel was sexually active when his girlfriend’s dad had to by condoms. Mike faces the fear of what he’d do once his daughters become sexually active.

Mike starts the second half with the question “What is the worst thing you’ve ever done sexually?” Of course, Daniel knows that his sins are more emotional than physical; especially the girl who he whore’d himself to in order to receive food and cigarettes. Mike shares about how his sex life was a little crazier in his younger years when he was drinking and hosting strip bowling tournaments at his old job. He has now gotten his life together and settled down a bit.

A new toy is in production being dubbed the “AutoBlow2” which will be based off of real vaginas. Women can go to the website of the product and submit a picture of their pussy for people to vote on. The winning pussy will be a model for the AutoBlow2. Naturally, there was a variation of pussies being submitted ranging from pretty little pussies to dusty, winged little bastards.

February is Black History Month. In celebration of black history month, a New Jersey school served a variation of foods such as: fried chicken, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese. They labeled it as “Soul Food”, so it’s not racist. Groups are split down the middle as to whether or not this act is racist. On one side of the aisle, people are screaming racism; on the other side, people are saying this is no different that Chinese food or Mexican food. What do you think, weigh in in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.


Dear TotT,


My boyfriend and I have a good sex life. The problem is that he doesn’t climax and ends up having to finish himself off. He doesn’t like talking about feelings. I don’t know what I should try. Please help.


– Ashley, Port Orchard, Washington


The verdict: Just enjoy it. If he doesn’t care, then neither should you. Let sex be fun, and don’t overthink it.

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