TotTP Episode 078 – We Need to Try Different Restaurants



After a weird conversation on bra sizes, Cassie’s last show starts out hot. Daniel is practicing Lent this year, with or without religious ties. The vice he’s giving up: porn. Why? Just because. He is taking the reins of his life and making some small decisions to be better. This includes, only fucking once a month. Cassie is also giving up porn, but is also giving up sex (Except with Eddie, of course) and drinking for an indefinite amount of time.

For all the nerds out there, there is a new sexy product to help spice up the bedroom. Nerdy Sex Toys is a small company based in Australia that’s main goal is to make sex fun and exciting. Their toys include: A Sailor Moon themed vibrator, Iron Cock, Super Cock: Man of Silicone, and A nice line of Star Wars toys to name a few.

Valentine’s Day has passed, and Daniel had a small date with a loud Jewish girl. He went to see the movie “La La Land”. Is it Dogshit or Nah? Well . . . a little of both. But, that’s beside the point. The real story is how Daniel made himself look like an awkward jackass by proposing sexy time via text. Needless to say, he failed.

In other news, Daniel got engaged. The lucky lady: a girl who has long since friendzoned his ass and knows that maybe he is a last resort. Of course, sex may end up ruining the friendship, and Daniel has had many relationships where this is the case.

Of course the internet had to make Valentine’s Day as epic as possible. The hashtag #RejectedCandyHearts took over the internet briefly with such winners as: I Tolerate You, My Rash Isn’t Contagious, Boner Time, and Lower Your Standards.

Childbirth is a beautiful, beautiful thing. But, for one woman, it became a nightmare after the nurse tried to shove the baby back inside of her, rendering her genitals severely damaged.


Dear Danny Boy,


I have listened to the show. It is clear to me that you don’t know how to please a woman. Maybe I can give you some tips on how to please a woman.


– A Dude Who Knows What He’s Doing


It is very clear that this disgruntled listener has only been listening to a couple of episodes. Daniel hopes this person will send some tips, ’cause who doesn’t need to learn. Does his argument hold water? According to Cassie: A wee bit. Daniel defends his honor with justifications and rationalizations about how he treats women just fine thank you very much. He explains how his views on pleasing a women is dependent on who the woman is and what their relationship is.

Now to the elephant in the room. Cassie is leaving. As part of her farewell, some of the loving listeners got together to give her a proper send off. These listeners included: Gareth of “Gareth’s Random Ramblings“, “Afterburn739“, Courtney3000, Jason of “Three is Comedy“, Mike Jolitz of “The Mike Jolitz Show“, Choo Choo Stu, and Emily of “The Story Behind Podcast
The two reminisce about the times they’ve shared on the show.

Cassie will be missed, and maybe she will stop by from time to time to update us on her current endeavors.

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