TotTP Episode 077 – Eddie is My Daddy



Cassie begins week one of her final shows, and Daniel has many personal questions regarding some of her recent decisions. in lieu of her leaving, Daniel is trying to be social, but is discovering that he is horribly awkward and possibly socially inept.

XHamster is putting on auditions to cast someone in a series of Donald Trump porn parodies over the course of the next four years. Daniel would watch for science, and Cassie is on a porn and sex hiatus. Would you be interested in watching a Donald Trump porn parody. Shoot us a message and let us know.

Obviously no porn discussion would be complete without a discussion on religion. The first order of business is crazy televangelists and rich churchgoers. Daniel and Cassie delve into their childhoods and pull out nuggets from their fundamentalist pasts.

After the break, Daniel and Cassie revisit the topic of pet names during sex; the strangest of which is “Daddy”. What does it mean, is it incestual, is it a sign of dominance? Is it innocent? Our credible friends at Broadly have the answers.


Dear Daniel and Cassie,


I found out that my girlfriend might be a furry while I was on her computer.
When I asked her if she was, she stormed out of the room and hasn’t talked to me since. What should I do?


In the end result, people again need to communicate better. The listener needs to give his girl her space and let her know that he is there for her when she needs to talk.

The conversation changes to the topic of going through your significant other’s computer and the problems that can cause as well as the intricate science of sending nudes.

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