TotTP Episode 076 – I Love a Good Choking



After two weeks off, Cassie has returned to the show. She will not divulge her reasons for being gone, but it may become obvious a bit later. Meanwhile, Daniel was struggling with some epic stomach problems. He went on both ends of the excrement spectrum. But, all-in-all, things are looking up for him. He’s taking more baby steps in his life to continue being less of a dirtbag.
Everybody has their kinks and fetishes, some people like to be peed on, some people like to wear VR goggles and a gas mask pumping sex scents intot their nostrils. Different chokes for different folks. When it comes to fetishes, you find yourself doing things that you may not particularly enjoy. Daniel and Cassie have both pissed on their exes, and Daniel almost killed his ex when choking went wrong.
In other recent events, Daniel recently passed a big milestone in his life. He is celebrating eight years of sobriety. In those eight years, one thing that he has learned is that people who smoke weed are incredibly annoying.
Right after the break, Cassie drops a bomb on Daniel. She announces that she is leaving the show. Although she has had an enriching experience, the show has begun to conflict with her most recently acquired beliefs and she believes it would be in everyone’s best interest to move forward with her life. She will be missed by Daniel, and all supporters of TotT.


Dear Daniel and Cassie,


I love giving my boyfriend head, but he doesn’t return the favor. I mention it to him, and he says that he doesn’t like to do it. I am becoming resentful. Am I being selfish? Is he being selfish?


Michelle, Nashville, TN


The consensus this week is that the boyfriend should at least put forth some effort, ’cause relationships are about sacrifice and compromise.


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