TotTP Episode 073 – Whatchu Know ‘Bout Debauchery?



Your favorite snarky host is joined once again by “Anything Goes Cassie”. Someone please get this guy an actual co-host. Right, *nudge* am I right? Anyhoo, after some minor confusion Daniel jumps into how they both have joined the New Year, New Me club. Though they discuss the desire to call it quits with cancer sticks, they are both bound to light up after “cigarette warranting activities”. Eddie and Water Girl are brought up, of fucking course. “Fat Shamer Cassie” shares how even she is making an effort to work on her weight this year. What a hypocrite. Wait, no that one checks out.

Daniel and Cassie discuss the different types of queefing, vaginal and anal (the butt one is just farts though). Daniel taunts Cassie about her cavern of a vagina, followed up by welcoming “Snow Tits” to the TotT fan-mily. “Terrible Influence Cassie” gets to live out her goal of corrupting small children. It’s a grand time.

That movie gave us Forrest Whittaker Eye

This week, on “Dog Shit or Nah” the hatred for “Star Wars: Rouge One” is strong with these two. “Plenty O’ Plosives Cassie” goes in depth about how upsetting the film (shudder) is and how entertaining Daniel’s frustration is. All in all, definitely a “dog shit” round. “Moana” was also briefly brought up. According to Daniel and “Lemon Peeling Cassie”, Disney squeezes out another “Nah” rating even if it’s literally a movie about a suicidal chicken.

*Funky fresh news sound blares* Sexy priests, Cum-Dodging Cassie’s worst nightmare of a human and an up-skirt photographer are all covered in this week’s news break. “Throws No Punches Cassie” tells Daniel her logic about how the size and build of a person, can greatly determine their behavior. Because science, man.

“Bud Sex” is a nation sweeping phenomena and “Wants To Watch All The Boys Fuck Each Other Cassie” spills her dirty mind tea all over the studio. Buckle up folks! Daniel pushes “Overly Sensitive Cassie’s” buttons for a hot second and it get’s tense.


Dear Abby,


I am a straight man who met and fell in love with a transgender girl I’ll call Eve. We dated for almost three years, and they were the happiest of my life. In all that time, we never once had an argument. She said I had given her the strength to come out to her family and begin her transition. I was planning to ask her to marry me. Without any indication that anything was wrong, she dumped me one day and weeks later began dating her friend, another trans girl. I wanted to walk away and take time to heal, but Eve maintained that I was important to her and we could remain friends. For the next few months we tried, but her new girlfriend treated me like I was a threat. While I was emotionally hurting, she seemed to take intense pleasure in showing me how happy they were together. It eventually led to friction, and now my ex thinks I caused it because I was jealous, so she cut off all contact with me. I stood by her when she absolutely needed my support, but when the time came to give a little back, I was abandoned. I’m worried I will never trust anyone again, and I don’t know how to get “myself” back. Can you help?


Abandoned in West Virginia


“Dear Abby” has “Sentimental Cassie” on her soap box (things get sappy. You have been warned.) and Daniel chimes in with his own smushy experiences. Episode Seventy Three ends on a fluffy cliche note of “balance is everything.”

Now ya’ll know what they know about debauchery.

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