TotTP Episode 072 – Three Dollar Gummer



Do you all remember the one and only Erik “Shaft” Johnson? One of our veteran guests from podcasts past. It’s been over a year since he’s been on the show, and his nervousness


Try as he might, Daniel couldn’t manage to bring much holiday spirit to the show; probably ’cause he no soul. He can’t seem to bring the festive as fuck attitude
to the show. Christmas is a very touchy subject for the show.


Daniel sees a girl while eating dinner that looks strangely like his ex. After many socially awkward, panicking moves; it turns out, it was just another basic bitch.


While at dinner, Cassie overhears a man of color say that he wouldn’t fuck her which may teach Daniel and Cassie about saying bad things about people in public; probably not, though.


To try to fanagle some content into the show, Daniel shares a very morbid life plan involving rape, donations and a karma scheme.


As if Daniel hadn’t learned his lesson enough from trying to add Christmas spirit to the show, he shares a list of unorthodox Christmas songs:


On this year’s list:


Waffle House 12 Days of Christmas



Christmas with the Devil by Spinal Tap


Nerd actor, Christopher Lee with such classics as:


Jingle Hell




 Little Drummer Boy


And, who could forget:


Eric Idle – “Fuck Christmas”


Daniel shares how salty he is about the holidays despite trying to buy gifts and be in the festive mood.


Various stories are shared about cheap and not-so-cheap prostitution tactics, and Daniel has a scumbaggy view on contractual law in regards to marriage.


The question is raised: Will you make out with a chick after she’s given you head?


Final attempt at Christmas cheer with Christmas traditions around the world:


What about the shitting dude?



Japanese KFC?


What end of the year would be complete without delving into some New Years’ Resolutions

Erik has a very sound list that includes: Receiving more blowjobs With his measly 75 this year, he ups the ante to aim for at LEAST 150 next year.
He also wishes to make good on his past debts with the IRS; and of course, getting into shape.


Cassie gets a bit more realistic. She wants to fuck a guy with a strap-on, get a car, and make good on her dry year as a lesbian and fuck a woman. All realistic.
She would also like to get an internship, get over her petty little cum-aversion, go to a strip club, and possibly quit smoking (Psyche!).


Daniel, the meatbag has become quite scared of his physical state. Due to his weight and status as a smoker, menial tasks have become an emergency. so obviously
some lifestyle changes are on the menu for him.


Dear TotT,


I have a problem I need help solving. I work from home all year. All of my employees work out of my house. I try to give my wife as much time as I can throughout the year; and I usually manage to do do very well.
Once a year, I have to travel for work, it’s only only one night. But, on this night; every year my wife sleeps with most of my workers! I have told her many times how much this upsets me, and she just tells me she has a thing for midgets. I’d be okay with it if she at least slept with me every once in awhile. What should I do?




Chris Kringle


P.S. Tell Cassie to keep her stocking ready, ‘cause she’s gettin’ a nice batch of St. Nick’s famous Kringle Nog


The best advice we’ve given all year comes from our returning guest: Give the employees the day off. Simple as that.


The show is wrapped up with some bucket list items like:
Fucking midgets, black chicks, and Asians. Both of the latter Daniel has experience but won’t count the conquest as legitimate.


Thank you to all of our listeners through the year, and we hope to have rich interactions with all of you in 2017



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