TotTP Episode 070 – Y’all Should Fuck Eddie

TotTP Episode 070 – Y’all Should Fuck Eddie




Daniel and Kinky Cassie get into the topic of gift-giving. While the only thing Cassie can look forward to from Daniel for Christmas is another year of friendship, The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show mailed Cassie an early Christmas present. Fingers crossed it turns out to be the first specimen for #letthecumcomethrough.

Speaking of cum, maybe Cassie will be lucky enough to get Luke Johnson from the Bold and Belligerent Podcast to send in his cum, because according to rumors she would enjoy nothing more than to fuck the shit out of him and be doused in his dick smoothie. Apparently, simple online bantering can be mistaken for flirting. Daniel explains we need to be easy on the poor, bastard child.

Question, is it vain to hang up a painting that symbolizes the show, but is basically a giant picture of yourself? Thanks to @amurdermostfoul for the wonderful painting of the show artwork.



Future ex-wife Faith makes another topic appearance (Damn, will Daniel and her just fuck already and get it over with!). Cassie is wondering when he will finally make a move or take out the garbage for good. As it stands, she could be his Pam Beasley, or he could be a back burner guy for when things inevitably fall apart with fuck boy. The question is: What will happen if she finds out about the podcast? I don’t think people take kindly to being called garbage human beings.

Sir Big Cock makes another appearance by destroying Cassie’s pussy. God bless Eddie and his big dick. Being sore = good fucking. Not being able to feel your pussy or masturbate = a good fucking by Eddie.


Have you ever battled with the question “To fuck or not to fuck”? Well, if you have to ask yourself whether or not it’s a good idea or not, do the right thing: masturbate. Seriously, masturbation can clear your mind of all the reasons you may have to make a terrible mistake.


We all have those red flags for when guys/girls get weird. And deal breakers doesn’t just apply for dating,in can also be a gauge for fucking someone; because they have to have some type of standards. The ultimate conclusion: Clingy is bad. Hippy stank is a’ight.


Guys name 34 things about girls that guys don’t understand. And of course, who better to answer on behalf of women, than Cassie? Daniel dives into a rant on how men are always waiting on a woman. Bottom line, men will marry a woman as soon as possible if women would just forego the planning, and it shouldn’t take nine months to cook a baby. It also shouldn’t take ten years to figure out why a woman is mad. Cassie explains the perfectly logical reasons for why women are the way they are. However, Daniel doesn’t seem to get it. It is possible Daniel wrote the entire article by himself.


Dear Abby,


What can I do to make my way from my gf’s floor to her bed? We have been together for a black people minute, yet the bitch will not put out, citing her young daughter as reason. What do I do?


Communication. Communication. Communication. Grow a pair of balls and tell his girlfriend that the floor is getting uncomfortable and he will be sleeping in her bed. What is wrong with these Dear Abby’s not wanting to talk to people? What are we, five? If you have a problem with someone, Talk.To.Them instead of writing to a an advice column.




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