TotTP Episode 068 – Baggie Full of Cocksand

TotTP Episode 068 – Baggie Full of Cocksand



This week we say goodbye to Cum-Dodging Cassie, and meet the newly promoted, Super Kinky Cassie. Side note, someone send Cassie their cum so she can put it in her hair like dry shampoo. Perhaps… ChooChoo Stu? Maybe Daniel can let his cum dry and let people at the clubs snort his cock sand.


thDaniel got… kind of laid? I mean, should it count if the sex feels like work? Daniel and Cassie dive deep into the red tide of wetness… ya know, the crimson tide. The sticky, gooey, smelly hell river Daniel canoed across last week. He underestimated the flow of a fat chick and was left to suffer the consequences of disturbing such a crime scene. Doesn’t matter, had sex?

Cassie has her own virtual sexual adventures to discuss. While on the interwebz, she met a foreign individual across the pond, who is getting her damper than Niagara Falls with their in-depth sexting. We are talking some scenarios that would make erotic novelists horny, and some intense masturbation videos. Cassie is beginning to think she has some serious problems when she pulls over to a secluded parking lot for a forty minute meditation session with just her and her weak AF fingers. The two of them discuss sexual relations in the car.

Just when you think the snowflakes were starting to calm the fuck down about the election, you remember Florida exists. In Florida, they don’t give a fuck about the spirit of Christmas and will – through liberal temper tantrums – ruin anything sacred and beautiful.!Daniel and Cassie go on a tangent about underwear. boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Women may be taking over boxer briefs to Daniel’s dismay. Fuck equality shit, ain’t nobody wants to undress a chick to discover boxer briefs. Listeners get to find out what their favorite podcasters wear as undergarments, in this juicy tell all!

The second half of the show gets saved by none other than mindless click bait. The first of which is a list compiled from Ask Reddit, where 16 men confess their thoughts during sex. Along with the usual insecure thoughts over the quality and need for cum control, there are men among us who admire the smell of pussy. Cassie shares her experience with a sniffer who was heartbroken he did not get to smell her freshly after she’d been fucked. You also get the men who just want some mother fucking water! You also get the Daniel’s of the world who are engineer’s in a control room. Daniel mulls over what women are thinking during sex. If she is thinking of her taxes, she isn’t that into you bro! On the flip side, if you are fucking her like a gorilla and she starts reminiscing about Harambe, its on!

Since we are so far down the rabbit hole from lack of show prep, let’s get depressed about how our backbreaking labor will never pay nearly as much as the worthless Kardashians! ‘Murica! They all take the top spots of the highest paid reality stars. (Okay confession time- a certain podcast note writer may have bought a Kylie Jenner lip kit, but there is no shame! That shit is dope.) Daniel admires the leach-iness of Kris Jenner.

What do the single folk do in their spare time? Unfortunately for Cassie, no one else is going hog wild on themselves on the side of the road. Can we all stop pretending single people are depressed and waiting by the phone? Many of the single folk are spending too much time shopping, taking selfies, and fucking to be depressed over their singlehood. Or if you are Daniel, reading shit on the internet all day, err day!


Dear TotT,


I’ll keep this short and to the point. I very much enjoy hearing about your lives and what you get up to in Ramona, California. I especially love your updates and confessions about your sexual misadventure, the sexual deviants you both are. What I’d like to know is your thoughts and perspectives on female ejaculation. I imagine, quite often actually, that Cassie is very much a gusher, and I bet it doesn’t much at all until she is wetter than a spastics chin. So please answer me this, is Cassie a gusher? Also, Daniel, like me, do you enjoy getting a good soaking in the bedroom? Best wishes and lots of love.


Cockney Colin XXX (kisses for Cassie)


raftingDamn, the British folk can’t get enough of Cassie. The podcasters discuss the pros and cons of gushers/squirters. While it is fun to be in the Soak Zone, you have to walk around Seaworld all day with wet clothes. Cassie, much to the delight of Colin I am sure, reveals her squirting habits and the few men who have been able to take her to the fountain of ecstasy. Daniel goes into his own personal experience with the Soak Zone and whether too much of a good thing is truth.





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