TotTP Episode 067 – Battered Women Taste the Best

Episode 067 – Battered Women Taste the Best



Daniel meets Kinky Cassie’s alter ego, Thug Cassie. Decked out in some skull sneaks, baggy black scrubs, black tank and hoodie, Thug Cassie will steal your fuckin’ lunch money.


hillary_clinton_vs-_donald_trump_-_caricaturesElection results are in. Honestly, what else is there to talk about? Movies told us Aliens would be the cause of the end of the world, but they got it wrong. The Apocalypse is Social Justice Liberals beating the shit out of Granny and her granddaughter for voting for Trump, and Racist white supremacists ready to get the ol’ gang back together to hang some Googles.


Daniel voices his shame in living in America at this point. However, you won’t find him in the fetal position or threatening to leave the country. He ain’t no snowflake. Speaking of threats to leave the country, there is a hefty list of Celebrities (and I’m sure a few Joe Blows), who need to start packing their bags and get the fuck out. You said you were gonna leave, so Bye Bitches! Be careful about reminding Amy Schumer she promised to leave the country, because her inner Social Justice Warrior may start crying and call you an asshole. To save face, she may want to move to California, because the bleeding liberal state may be bowing out of the United States.


On the flipside, time for everyone to make like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and cash in their golden-blow-job tickets. For those who voted for Trump, forget Harambe, it is time to whip out your cock for adult film stars Angelina Castro or Maggie Greene to slurp on. If you voted Clinton, you get a sad attempt at a blow from crusty old Madonna. Unfortunately, no one was willing to suck Dick for Johnson or Stein.


The podcasters remind listeners to remain calm, some countries are accepting of the change and new chapter in America. Russia’s Putin even came out in support of Donald Trump, which is a score for the U.S., because as everyone knows you don’t want Russia hating your guts. A Furthermore, any ladies on the verge of suicide or even still on the high of Trump winning, it may be beneficial to give a shout out to your favorite host. Daniel has great cock!


As part of the election (Not meaning to Seabiscuit the topic) many on the far left have taken on to protesting by burning New Balance sneakers because of their support of Trump. We’re not saying this is a brilliant marketing idea; but let’s just say that as a show, we support (INSERT THE CANDIDATE YOU DESPISE HERE), and if you wish to burn products in our name, feel free to purchase them from our Amazon link. /shameless plug


large_lady_5018804163Over the week, Daniel went searching the vault of Google images for cute fat girls. This opens the door to the much-loved discussion on fat girls and Cassie’s never-ending struggle with “fat culture.” The struggle between how to identify a – ahem – bigger girl is a very difficult thing to do in today’s culture. After some pandering, it is decided that Daniel could never spend his life with a fat chick without cheating on her. Scumbag level: 100!


In the latest Girl news with Daniel: Daniel is hopeless. The girl from down the hall, Am-Alyssa has quit. She no longer works there, and Daniel is a bit sad. So, his focus is moving onto Faith. She has been visiting Daniel in his new office to banter. Could Faith be his Pam Beesly? Before Daniel gets a chance to grab information from Cassie as to what his next move is to be, she gets all female on him about how she has yet to see his new office. It’s all Podcast Daniel’s fault.


Dear Abby,


My boyfriend Ian is an abusive game playing fear monger with no fuckin’ libido. What can I do?


Conflicted in Virginia


Cassie and Daniel are baffled at the amount of bullshit that this girl will allow in her life and advise her to leave the douchebag and learn to love herself so that she won’t fall for clown shoes like Ian.




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