TotTP Episode 063 – Black People Aren’t Ornaments

TotTP Episode 063 – Black People Aren’t Ornaments



Circus 2016TotT gets political this week to keep up with the election. More on that later. For now, they remind you each day is a gift and to “grab life by the pussy”. Daniel, of course, can’t expect Kinky Cassie to understand this whole pussy fiasco, because she hasn’t been paying attention to the election. Unlike others, she is sitting on the train facing straight ahead, instead of rubbernecking to see the car crash that is Presidential election 2016.

Daniel, on the other hand, prides himself on knowing the ins, the outs, and the what-have-yous of this train wreck election. Perhaps next election everyone should get together and elect Daniel as the next president. First rule: no pant suits allowed. All women must wear short mini skirts in the oval office. However, a guy dressed in a dress is atrocious and not ‘Murican.

Speaking of guys who dress as women, #FuckLuke. Daniel reminds us to stop feeding the troll and to instead chip away at the troll by using the aforementioned hash tag. You know what, Luke is so insignificant, we won’t even waste any more precious words on him. Fuck you, Luke!

Daniel has an update on the females he recently added to the PoP a few weeks ago. Uber girl is obviously a no go. She squeezed Daniel for everything she wanted and moved on. According to sources, the chick just in his building has a live-in boyfriend, and Daniel is ready to take the next step with hot receptionist at his work. He is contemplating finally buying her a beverage, because if you give a chick a Starbucks, then she will think of your cock. If she thinks of your cock, she is gonna want to suck it. Sounds like everything is going smoothly…or are things not as they seem? Cassie strongly disagrees with his work friend due to new information Daniel has uncovered about her. Her advice changed from slow and steady, to pull out and abort mission. What are your thoughts?

Unfortunately for Cassie, her strong disagreement with this new lady is causing some passive-aggressiveness in studio. Cassie may need to learn her place is kneeling at the pedestal of Daniel.

After the break, Daniel is concerned for Cassie’s well-being after he finds out she is dabbling in the hard stuff… Fan Fiction. It’s not her fault she appreciates the creative minds that come up with trees with long ass dick, branches fucking the shit out of people. Let us pray it isn’t underage folk coming up with the sexual tension getting Cassie ‘damp’ down south. I mean, who doesn’t get hot off the idea of human “Knotting.”(warning-this has zero to do with crafting).

ClownsHere are more lives that matter. #ClownLivesMatter. Real clowns are sick of the discrimination due to the scary, fake clowns posting up all over cities, trying to scare everything and everyone. The clowns may want to rethink their strategy of giving hugs, because wanting hugs from kids is the gateway drug to wanting to lure kids into the woods.

Breaking News Alert: Daniel goes on a long ass rant about how fucked up America is. Everyone is afraid all the time. Everything is going to shit, and it’s easier to see how that is the case, because people are starting to call kids “little bigots.” And by people, we mean Social Justice Weirdos (Because kids wearing a Native American costume is way worse than objectifying men by waving a dildo around on a school campus? ).



Dear Abby,


My friend’s kid is a major bitch to mine. Unfortunately, she is always going to be around at social gatherings, so how do I go about handling this situation?



Advice guru Cassie first takes the reigns on this question, because she is used to having to deal with a bitch kid. Depending on their age, it is better to let the kids deal with it themselves, because parent’s will always think little Suzie and Bobby are their little fuckin’ angels. Or according to Daniel, one could have your kid join Fight Club so your kid could be ready to bite, slap, and call bitches out. Daniel’s parent game is on fleek this week, because he knows it is better to teach kids to “person up” as the Social Justice Warrior’s like to call it.




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