TotTP Episode 062 – Sphincter’s Gonna Sphinct

TotTP Episode 062 – Sphincter’s Gonna Sphinct



The motivation bug hits Daniel once again, and he has been working overtime to make the podcast you, the listener. To help make the podcast better, Daniel has soldout. He is pimping himself out for your hard earned cash, so go to the support page on the website to find out how you can help out.

SleepNow that that awkwardness is over with, let’s talk about the morality of having sex with someone while they are asleep. If someone is dead asleep, but they start getting handsy and hand over a vibrator to use on them, is it okay to have sex with them? A man was sentenced to three years for engaging in sexual play with his former sexsomnia ex-girlfriend. Daniel and Cassie’s what if’s games based on the situation goes real deep. Cassie then talks about how awful it is to be falsely accused of rape.

Surprisingly, the podcast takes on a topic deeper, darker, dirtier than rape:eating ass. Because, there ain’t nothing more satisfying and taboo like tongue punching the ol’ fart box. Daniel and Cassie briefly contemplate whether the content of devouring ass will be too much for the San Diego Sun Radio that just added their podcast to the lineup Tuesday nights at 9pm. But in true fashion, the 3am at heart podcast marches on.

Ass eaterDaniel brings up another article, this time 19 men confess their deepest thoughts on eating ass. One man believes it is important to go make way to the area with brown skies, because the anus has millions of nerve endings as well as the clitoris. Another man shares his feelings, feelings that deeply offend our pussy loving host. The logic used basically was, might as well hit up the ass when he vagina doesn’t smell good, ‘and he eats pussy like a pig at a trough.


Per usual, Daniel and Cassie’s personal experiences hijack the conversation. We may need to change Cassie’s name to “Ass” Cass, because apparently our sexpert has eaten 8-9 asses like they were fuckin’ groceries. She shares her experience with straight off the construction site ass instead of straight outta the shower ass. Let’s just say, if she had asked you to smell her finger, it would not have smelled like pussy… Daniel shares a story about the time he had sex with an ape who enjoyed throwing her feces at his wall. Sometimes when your sphincter sphincts mid masturbation, little surprises pop out of your hole.

Daniel and Cassie contemplate whether the content of devouring ass will be too much for the San Diego Sun Radio that just added their podcast to the lineup Tuesday nights at 9pm. But in true fashion, the 3am at heart podcast marches on.

After the break, Daniel busts out another article, this time: The Gentleman’s Guide to Casual Sex. Cassie decides it would be fun to listen to the list and answer the underlying question: Is Daniel a gentleman when it comes to having casual sex?


  • Be a straight shooter

It may be a bad sign that they can’t get past the first guideline without it coming to light that Daniel has done things purposefully to be an asshole. While going over things not to say, Cassie asks Daniel if it was appropriate to send his then booty call a love duet?

  • Don’t meet the parents
  • Don’t cuddle post-sex
  • Choose your women wisely.

Daniel, don’t take advantage and go after the women you know are in love with you. Or infatuated with you, because being in love is different than being overly obsessed with a person. Before you jump down his throat, he gains back brownie points for not having sex with people whose friendship he values.


(Intermission: Daniel’s bucket three from work mentioned a few episodes ago is going swimmingly. Cue happy dance)


  • Don’t blab about your sexual excursions.

Yep Daniel fails this one.


Grade: Daniel is an asshole and not a gentleman. I guess it is true females have a thing for assholes, because there have been many females who have been obsessed with our host podcaster. However, he always makes sure to help them get over it by behaving like an asshole.



Dear TotT (yes a legitimate, original question from a listener! So there are people that listen to this podcast),

If two people are stranded on a deserted island, one is an extrovert and the other an introvert, who would die first?

From, Derek



For the first time, Daniel and Cassie agree on the answer right away, no argument necessary.



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