TotTP Episode 061 – Friend on Friend Facial

TotTP Episode 061 – Friend on Friend Facial




This week, Daniel and Kinky Cassie are joined by podcasters who are more fucked up than they are, Dave and Jerry from the Bad Cop Bad Cop Show. Daniel admits that he may be a little fearful of what these two will say about him on their next show.

Daniel and the guests get into a discussion on the elements needed to make podcast magic. It takes more than simply getting some friends together and shooting the shit for an hour.

Empathy. Daniel learns how slimy men can be when he gets hit on by a flamboyantly gay man, who only wanted him for his body. His hairy ass body and nipples are apparently a turn on for gay men, because he can be their big bad, bear-cub. Hopefully he learned why some women label him as a scumbag; they may not find it favorable to be told they have ‘potential’. You are shitty now, but you may be less shitty later. Women just want to be fucked for their brain, alright?!


Christ-y AFOur guests as well as listeners, get a look into Daniel’s life when he discusses the time he lived in Mexico. Daniel has gone through a lot in his life, but sometimes it is better to eat and fuck the pain away, rather than be mind fucked by a therapist. Cassie talks of her own adventures in Mexico as a young Missionary, trying to teach the ways of Jesus to young, deaf orphans. Because those Catholics are doing it wrong, fuck that whore Mary, everyone knows it is all about Jesus Christ.


After Dave and Jerry get over their fascination with the news stories, Daniel introduces an article with 43 questions every woman is dying to know the answer too, but are too embarrassed to ask. Cassie narrowed it down to 10 questions that she legitimately needed to know.

  • Does it make guys feel insecure when women masturbate during sex?
  • Does cumming feel like peeing for men?
  • What do men think about the nickname “daddy” during sex?


Facial TimeLadies, get your pens and papers ready to take notes! As a side note for all the ladies who want a piece of Daniel, never say his name during sex. He knows his name, and he prefers his nickname “Jesus” to be used, because TotT hasn’t sexualized Jesus quite enough. During the segment, more of Daniel’s dirty laundry comes to light; like that time he gave his friend a facial . . . “on accident”.


It turns out TotT had to fess up to a stolen idea. It appears they ‘borrowed’ the Dear Abby segments from the Bad Cop Bad Cop Show. Although, they both technically stole Dear Abby from Abby, so no harm no foul. Regardless, enjoy the first and last installment of, Dear Jerry:


Dear Jerry,

Me and my husband have 3 kids. Originally, he didn’t want any kids, but we had them anyway and now I want more. I was thinking 19 kids and counting status. However, my husband got snipped due to not wanting any more, and I am wondering if I should go to a sperm bank?



Dave and Jerry give a resounding, fuck you greedy bitch, your husband is done paying for your kids. The advice quickly turns into a discussion on the process of getting a vasectomy. Cassie and Daniel both comment on their baby-less life, while everyone around them are pushing out one after the other. To end the show, even more fucked up shit about Daniel is shared. Because where the pull out game fails, the swift push down the stairs does not.

A big thank you to Dave and Jerry of the Bad Cop Bad Cop Show. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.




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