TotTP Episode 060 -Bucketize Yoself

TotTP Episode 060 – Bucketize Yoself




In this week’s episode, Daniel and Kinky Cassie find themselves in differing moods. Cassie has gone from obsessing over her erotic fiction, to obsessing over things that inspire her and will benefit her in the future. Our cave dweller has emerged into the sunlight! She may have sort of written off sexual partners for now, but she hasn’t completely written off sexual pleasure- she even makes time for explosive orgasms (and when I say explosive, she legitimately almost caused an explosion on her pussy via vibrator.)


Daniel on the other hand is finding his brain obsessing over, girls, girls, girls, morning and evening. There are three females in Daniel’s life who he has yet to devise strategies for.


1st Female: We shall call her “Jessica.” Listeners were first introduced to her a few episodes ago as the random uber customer, who called last week wanting a place to stay. She makes another appearance in Daniel’s life, this time asking to use him as protection. Daniel is starting to wonder what she wants from him. Maybe the D? “D” as in doubtful!


2nd Female: Let’s call this one, “Alison.” She works in the same building as Daniel and they have interacted on the elevator twice now. He was looking longingly into her eyes, and she was… looking at him like a person, because that’s what you do when you talk to someone.


3rd Female: Her name is going to be, “Faith.” She is a new hire within Daniel’s company, and so far so good according to Daniel. He is even spending 15 minutes after work talking to her, and she could possibly be doing the giggly, blushing flirting technique girls do. However, should Daniel shit where he eats?


Cassie finds herself having to bucketize these lucky ladies into a concept that has been discussed on the podcast, “The Pails of Pussy Strategy.” In this way, Daniel can assess the time to risk ratio of each lady to see where his focus shall lie.


pailSpeaking of the strategy, Daniel clarifies aspects of the PoPS (Pails of Pussy Strategy), when he discusses a texting conversation between him and a poor unfortunate soul, who is confused by the whole concept. Daniel tries to explain the pails are not based on levels of importance or respect, and the whole concept is a copy of a financial strategy. Unfortunately, the female he was texting still found herself confused. (which is why men handle the finances). If any listeners want a more in-depth look into the strategy, whether you are old listeners requiring a refresher course, or you are new listeners who haven’t been properly introduced to the concept, you can get a refresher here.


Cassie has finally made peace with the strategy, but she admits having first viewed it from the perspective that it is based on levels of importance. I am sure many women may see it as sexual objectification, but let us all remember Daniel is not a complete scumbag. He has redeeming qualities, including being a top notch friend who will save you from disastrous situations. Cassie puts it best, “He is the sweetest asshole you will ever meet.”


After the break, Daniel teases the possibility of taking TotT on the road, directly to the people. Thanks to a good deal on mixers from Leo of Afterburn 739, the TotT podcasters could be coming to a city near you.


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Back to the topic of sex (Naturally), Daniel brings two articles to the attention of listeners. Perhaps we should all up and move to Switzerland, because they have just opened the glorious “Fellatio Cafe.” This cafe is known for its coffee, as well as its blowjobs. Imagine sitting down at your local coffee joint, sipping from your coffee cup, and ordering a sex worker via iPad to come suck you off. The Swiss may have the secret to true happiness. Daniel may have to find himself another person to fill Cassie’s spot, as she may board a plan at any moment to work for said cafe.

The next article discusses all the weird ways women have masturbated. Well ladies, the secret is out, the world now possesses all the demented ways women have gotten off. Apparently, there isn’t anything quite like feeling Nemo feverishly wiggling inside a bag pressed against your G-spot. On second thought, Nemo may be in competition with life-size Scooby Doo, and various game controllers (Dat rumble pack, doe!).  Listeners even learn a little bit more about Cassie’s self-love life. Yes, Cassie has almost impaled herself via bedpost, all in the name of Cumming. A few more on the list of tools used by Cassie on her pussy, Sharpie, Bubble wand, and Barbies.

Dear Abby,

For the last 30 years, I have been engaging in love-making with a married man. For some reason after all these years, I am suddenly getting a conscious about it. Should I continue the affair, or end it?

Cassie uses her personal experience of having engaged in sexual relations with a taken man, to outline the rules of engaging in such an affair. Along with not banging the significant other of someone you know, you have to be prepared to feel shitty about yourself regarding the situation. Daniel and Cassie go back and forth over whether the wife knows, and if the one seeking advice is feeling guilty for herself due to feelings, or if she merely feels bad for the wife after all these years. The conversation turns into a what if scenario. If the person you cheat with leaves their partner for you, would you be able to trust them? Daniel contemplates this question to figure out if he would be able to or not. Bottom line, (and yes this is a cliche), “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

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