TotTP Episode 059 – Stamp Tramp

Episode 059 – Stamp Tramp




This week TotT is joined by the cast of the Three is Comedy Podcast. They are a morning radio type podcast consisting of three friends who have known each other for 15+ years. Jason, Bob and Mindy –  or is it Bob, Jason, and Mindy? – It is still open for debate who exactly is the meat in this sandwich. Daniel is forced to open the show with our guests in tow without Kinky Cassie, who so far has a perfect 0 for 2 record in regards to her lateness whenever guests are on the show.

ever-wonder-who-gave-the-first-blow-job-2Daniel and the guest co-hosts start off the show with a click bait article about the 10 things you never knew about blowjobs. The article offers a nice reminder that ancient folk were just as sexually deviant, if not more so, than today as today. The list includes a belief in the power of semen, and how the Chinese wrote a detailed manual on the transference of semen from the heavenly dragon pillars to the brain.


Cassie finally rolls into the studio chalk full of apologies and a lucrative excuse that involved lying to the police. Her alibi is revisited later in the episode, and Daniel comments on how Cassie pulled a social justice response by making the cop check his white privilege; because it is not outside the realm of possibility for a lesbian to speed to hospital to watch her lover give birth!

With Cassie finally in tow,  the group is further continues their blowjob conversation – or as it once was referred to as, sucking the mango. It is concluded by the group, that mango sucking is better compared to eating pussy. The good thing is, pussy doesn’t actually taste like mango. Because if it did, Daniel would be in prison for mouth rape. It also comes out that Cassie may have met her match when it comes to the number of blowjobs given in a day. Her four penises is no match to that of the great Cleopatra – with her infamous 100+ dicks in a day. Cassie will need to step up her game!

After the break, Daniel puts on his game show host hat for the game, “Name That Movie Quote.” Clips such as, “Go ahead, make my day.” “May the force be with you.” And who could forget the famous line, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

TotT would like to thank the Three is Comedy Podcast for being on the show, and would love to have them on again.

This week’s podcast:

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