TotTP Episode 056 – A Right Good Thrashing

Episode 056 – A Right Good Thrashing




StuOn this week’s episode of TotT, Kinky Cassie and Daniel welcome a very special guest all the way in England, the co-host of Cave Crew Radio, ChooChoo Stu. He and Daniel made sure to give Kinky Cassie a hard time for being late (did she not realize the major time difference and how early he had to wake up?) Our guest promises to one day give Cassie a “right good thrashing”. A promise sending Cassie into quite a sensual tizzy.

Continuing with Cassie’s sexcapades, listeners finally learn the size of her special friend’s – er – member. Sir. ChooChoo raises the very valid question: Is good sex dependent on: A) the size of the boat? B) the motion in the ocean? Remember the gift that Cassie got her “special friend” in the last episode? Well, let’s just say, Cassie got a bit greedy with it. Let’s hope that  Cassie does get Sir. Nice Cock a good gift, because any man who utters the phrase, “Cum on my dick again, Kinky Cassie” deserves an award. Daniel is intrigued how the podcast has been enhancing her sex life, while at the same time fucking up his own.

Choo Choo Stu humbly shares details of his own sexual excursions in the States.  He talks of “shagging” in a midsize sedan out in the desert of Nevada. Daniel is in awe by Stu’s ability to drop panties simply by opening his mouth. Speaking of open mouths… Cassie tells a story of that one time she sucked a flaccid penis. #suckedadickforcancer

This past week, Cassie had a strange run in with an what she presumes was an Autistic serial killer working at the local 7-11. And, like magic, Daniel has a wonderful quiz ready to go to test the group’s susceptibility to serial killer tendencies. Let’s just say, one is a mild killer, one is a semi-killer, and one is a legitimate serial killer. Unfortunately, playing “Spot the Psychopath” in real life may be harder than one would think. Could it be the cashier at your local Von’s who has been shit on one too many times, or could it be the irate customer in front of you? We may never know.

“I’ve never been to Australia, but I’m sure their cunts are the same as ours.” Yes, folks. It is time to have the uncomfortable dialogue regarding “cunts”. Daniel questions whether he should fly to England, the promise land of cuntary. However, the question he should be asking is just how ignorant is he about the social norms of England. Stu schools him on British Cunts- assholes with attitude and female genitalia. All cunts are created equal. #allcuntsmatter

Apparently, Stu is more than a podcaster; he has also earned the right to call himself a singer/songwriter. He wrote and sang a beautiful ballad in honor of the Queen (big surprise there, what else do the people of the fine country of England have to write about. Besides, they have to worship the Queen, because she could always bring beheadings back, right?). After Daniel finishes insulting the Queen of England,  Daniel and Stu bore Cassie to death by falling down the rabbit hole that is politics. Both muse over when the big Donald Trump joke is going to be over. Someone grab the cane and pull him off the stage, he is a year past delivering the punch line, now things are just awkward.

Dear TotT (A legitimate, original, TotT question from a listener)

I was wondering if you guys have friends that only talk to you when they need something or to just complain. I have a friend that will only talk to me when she needs to complain about her life and I’m getting tired of it. I have known my friend forever and just don’t know what to do anymore…any thoughts?


All three share their own version with the all too familiar narrative of the needy friend. Stu does an excellent job of explaining the types of needy friends there are: the psychological or physical needy person. After the boys attempt to offer their own advice on how to drop a one-sided friendship, Cassie chimes in with a thorough explanation on not only why these people aren’t worth your time, but how to kick these so called “friends” for good.

It was great to have ChooChoo Stu on the show after so many months of broken promises. You can check him out on Facebook and Twitter. He can also be heard every week on the Cave Crew Radio show.

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