TotTP Episode 049 – Good Riddance, Got Rid of THAT Guy

TotTP Episode 049 – Good Riddance, Got Rid of THAT Guy




This episode got a bit emotional. Daniel thanked Kinky Cassie and Courtney3000 from the bottom of his heart with a couple gifts. For Cassie, an adult Disney Princess coloring book. For Courtney, a graphic novel of classic novel, “Frankenstein”.

In our first year of podcasting, we’ve seen many great things transpire in our lives and in this big, wide world that we float in space on. Daniel addresses some of these issues.

After the break, Daniel surprises the girls with a special treat . . . Mike returns to the show. We banter about what’s new with Mike, bring up old wounds, and disclose Daniel’s purpose as a podcaster.

There have been many people that have made this podcast possible. We want to personally thank all of them. Long time listeners: Lance and Katie; Derek, Andrea, Daniel’s brother Jason; Choo Choo Stu, Dori, and Dave.

Of course, all the guests we’ve had. Sammi, Lauren, Erik Karma and Daisy, that one guy no one remembers, and our short-lived intern.

There are a lot of podcasts that have propelled the show and helped us in our journey, thank you to: EHAPPodcast, FYFCast, Three is Comedy, Afterburn 739, Say What Podcast; and all the shows at #PodernFamily on Twitter.

Thank you everyone for listening! Please don’t forget to hit the “subscribe” button. Tell all of your friends, ’cause we want to grow the #TotTler army this next season.




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