TotTP Episode 048 – Lowkey Meth Den

Episode 048 – Lowkey Meth Den




On this week’s show, Daniel poses the question “If the sex that lead to an accidental pregnancy not worth it, does that make the pregnancy not worth it. It is unanimously agreed that no, the pregnancy is then worthless; and so is the child.

Sex shops can be weird. This is true, but when you show up at one -as Daniel did – and realize there’s a lowkey meth den in the back, it can make your jerking experience a bit awkward.

Some relationships are clearly just for sex, and we go into an article that describes how you know if a your relationship with a person is strictly sexual.

Cassie let some of her kink out this last week when she let a guy convince her to take revealing photos and post them on the internet. So . . . look out for those.

We play a game of would you rather, and learn that Courtney is one of the few in the world who is not ruled by the internet.

Everybody has their own get down, and we at TotT understand that. So, when an article comes across the desks of TotT studio regarding porn with pregnant men and belly button worship; we are interested. What really came of this was a segment where the girls will watch a weird type of porn and review them; with the ultimate question: “Would you masturbate to it?”
If you want to contribute to this bit, please send any suggestions to us, or use the hashtag “TotTWatchesPorn”.

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