TotTP Episode 047 – Bitch For Jesus

Episode 047 – Bitch For Jesus




The whole clan is back together for this episode of the show. Cassie managed to get herself a fucked up tattoo which made her life less than stellar.

Daniel wants to know: What is the etiquette on using gift cards on dates. After a brief discussion we learn that gift cards are not only thrifty and acceptable, but Daniel doesn’t know what tacky means.

This last week, the Courtney3000 had a less-than pleasant encounter with a creepy A/C repairman which reinforced the beauty of her own ass to her.

After the break and a discussion on the effects of Icy-Hot, Daniel schools us all on the proper etiquette to engage in when using Uber. This is followed promptly by a discussion on weird things to do or say after sex.

Finally, we dive into some listener mail. Listener Derek wants to know if it’s weird that he has changed his views drastically and if he has.

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