TotTP Episode 046 – My African American

June 12, 2016

TotTP Episode 046 – My African American




Due to unforeseen circumstances, Classy Cassie could not make it tonight. So, that means Daniel and Courtney3000 have to fly the ship without her.

Daniel has gone back into the dating world, and he’s learned a lot about himself. He’s learned his pattern with dating sites, and he’s trying to live past the usual patterns. One of these patterns he’s trying to get away from are sending dick pics. Funny thing about dick pics is they don’t have quite the same allure that pussy pics do. The crew read an article about the pitfalls of dick pics. Regardless of the angles, lighting, and setting, Courtney loves her some dick pics. In the end, Daniel is happy with his commitment.

After the break, Courtney and Daniel indulge in some interesting beverages before talking about the state of the country. The number 2 rule of TotT is broken when they delve into politics and discuss Donald Trump, “his” African-American, and the brush with the KU Klux Klan. We learn that Daniel is a Libertarian (surprise surprise), and Courtney and Daniel decide that they are definitely eachother’s “niggas”

In closing, please check out the live episode of Everyone Has a Podcast that Daniel got to be a part of by clicking right here.

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