TotTP Episode 043 – Way Too Deep

TotTP Episode 043 – Way Too Deep





The contents of this week’s episode touch on some topics that may be offensive to most listeners. You have been warned!

Hey TotTlers! We have missed you guys. During the last couple of weeks, we have undergone a few changes. Daniel has finally stopped slacking and has started to get his shit together. In this latest installment of your favorite podcast,  Classy Cassie and Courtney300 join Daniel again this week. We start it off nice and sweet and light, with some serenading by our very own Courtney3000.

Then, we get down to business. As much as we do encourage feedback on this show, Daniel does discourage people who tune in specifically to be pissed off and then bitch about it. Seriously people, there are a lot of regular listeners who have actually followed the show since day one, and you are being very disrespectful barging in demanding that we change our views . . . Just sayin’.

Cassie asks Courtney what she should do about a “mutual friend” who continues to turn down sex. Daniel explains the whole situation swimmingly.

Daniel gets a bit sappy about the way the girls treat him when they gang up on him, and while he goes and cries into his overgrown bangs, the girls create a safe space for him.

After the break, shit gets super – er – different. The conversation starts with the topic of whether or not some rape victims are actually asking for it, and then a whole pandora’s box is opened when the topic of pedophile’s comes up. This part of the show is not for the close-minded, nor is it for the blatantly ignorant.  We close out the show with some lighthearted listener mail from a long-time listener who asks a very peculiar question.


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