TotTP Episode 042 – The Female Vagina

Episode 042 – The Female Vagina



Classy Cassie and ‘The Courtney 3000″¹ join your favorite host on this week’s episode. The girls are left feeling a bit queazy after Daniel tells a story about eating a chick out and not knowing if the sudden presence of blood was his mouth or her lady bits. *gag*

Daniel asks Courtney and Cassie why they don’t care for receiving oral sex. The reasons vary between the girls and Daniel reads off some specs from the interwebs. Hey TotTlers! Did you know you can make yogurt as well as beer from the female vagina?!  Also Cassie calls out the bullshit on the double standard of male and female oral sex reactions.

Freemont St. piss, God goes to court and a dude cums on the sidewalk in this weeks news bit. So last week, The topic of fat girls game up and Cassie had some controversial views on the subject. A listener called the show and let the crew know that she strongly disagreed with Cassie’s thoughts. There was a phone call, there were words and well, there was no clear winner. or was there? You be the judge. Daniel closes out the show with some more “things are a changing” bullcrap… Yeah, we’ll see Daniel.

¹Not yet available in stores.

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