TotTP Episode 041 – There’s No Kale in This Donut

Episode 041 – There’s No Kale in This Donut



This week on Toe on the Trigger, Daniel  realizes he may be slightly racist. *GASP* Smelly Indian folk and a possibly underage Asian chick are just a part of his new Uber driving escapades. Also Daniel learns just how sad and lonely a person can get. Cassie points out how he is losing his “constant funny” because well, he’s alone and therefore he has nothing to draw from. *whisks away a single tear*

Cassie goes into some more of her broken pussy problems. She bought some tightening gel to stiffen up those pussy walls. She ran into a problem when her uh…hole getting a bit too snug.

Daniel pulls out a gem from his plethora of voice recordings. “How come when it’s a skinny girl, it’s a nighty, and with a fat girl it’s a moo moo…?” Cassie, schools Daniel with all of her fat girl knowledge. Also she hates how fat girls…just…exist. Go figure that shit out. Meanwhile, in Florida, bitches be getting fucking crazy!

The show actually got mail! Holy Shit! A loyal listener named Shelby sent in a little venting letter. It was nice.

“Guess the Episode Name” has become a regular thing, hence the epic title.

Check out clips of the show here:

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