TotTP Episode 040 – Blowjobs À La Carte

Episode 040 – Blowjobs À La Carte



Daniel starts off the show with some gnarly exotic beverages. The girls (that’s right kids, Courtney is BACK!) are a bit cautious. “Strawberry and chemicals”, “flat Pepsi” and “kind of rootbeer” are among the flavors. Yummy…

Courtney has some general boyfriend drama… She gets a little braggy about her girlfriend attributes. There is even an infomercial to advertise her. The Courtney 3000! is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

We delve into the topic of tilted and otherwise broken vaginas as the girls divulge the genital problems. Double penetration gets a new spin as the girls talk about their lady parts. Cassie resorts to Craigslist for a big black cock. Courtney agrees that white dudes just have disappointing penises.

Cassie compares Daniel’s cock to a plastic toothpick and at the same time, praises him for his girth. Also Cassie has super sketchy photography skills.

Daniel goes to the hospital, (calm down ladies, he’s okay) with our favorite burrito slut. While there, he encounters either a very ill woman or a Wookie giving birth. Also there was a cute nurse makin’ eyes at your favorite funny man. Does she want him? You be the judge.

After the break, Daniel gets slightly racist (unless you’re not black, then it’s probably fine). Courtney says he’s clearly not interested so he should stop talking to his black beauty.

Pretty dicks, squirter qualifications and Courtney’s disability are touched on. The Grapefruit Blow Job is introduced and Daniel seems sorta horrified by it.

Daniel tries out a brand new way to do the news…and…it may have flopped. We then discuss assplay and how the butthole is a foul and mysterious place. Cassie asks Courtney how old she has gone, and then she has to get real with her co-hosts.

Before prematurely ending the show, Daniel remembers that there is listener mail from Randall in Florida (Meanwhile . . .) Randall wants to know if it’s considered cheating if he gets head from another girl since his girlfriend won’t “make with the head”. Of course, the ladies have a lot of experience about blowjobs, but we’re all taking our blow jobs à la carte these days.

Some interesting news. iTunes sucks. Our feed is currently down. We’re working on the fix; but Google Play Music is our saving grace. Check us out in the podcast section of Google Play Music.

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