TotTP Episode 039 – A Huge Ego and Some Dry Skin

Episode 039 – A Huge Ego and Some Dry Skin



We start off the show with a slightly tired and horny Cassie. She goes into some more sexual escapades and realizes she can be a bit of a dick. Daniel and she discuss the post-orgasm break and the poor unfortunate souls talk about their new friends. NOT forever alone, after all! Daniel goes into a very exciting story about the saddest hand job he has ever received. Let’s just say…he laughed, when he should have nut.

Cassie talks about her love of the “uncut” ones, or was it “bootcut”? Daniel got fucked in the ass, metaphorically speaking of course, ain’t no fuckin’ homo shenanigans up in here!

So, Daniel is misled to believe that he has been blackmailed into sending a large sum of money to a creepy, ill-spoken individual. Cassie follows up with her own super cool story about bestiality. *squeals with excitement*

Meanwhile, in Florida, masturbation and loud music may induce feelings of rage. Daniel has an article about a chick who is literally allergic to herself. *laughs out loud* Cassie has an explanation though, perhaps she was raped…too hard?  Daniel relates this news story to his breakable ex-girlfriend and the show closes out with a fun new game called “Pick the Episode Title”. So yeah, keep comin’ back for that shit.

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