TotTP Episode 038 – Bedding from Babes and Beyond

TotTP Episode 038 – Bedding from Babes and Beyond



This week on the show, Daniel and Cassie talk about the shitty weather and how Cassie’s new “boy toy” is pulling the same shit she pulled on him. How’s that karma taste, bitch? Daniel brings back some Christianese and Cassie is thoroughly ashamed.

Daniel shares about his “Bedding from Babes and Beyond” collection and your favorite self-loathing host goes in depth about how horribly sad he is about the lack of friendship in his life. Feeling used and discarded from the “situationship” lady, he is quickly learning that he may be replaceable. On a positive note, Daniel gets to chill with an old coitus pal…or rapist…or burrito slut… Whatever you want to call her.

So there’s this dude in France who was jailed for sending a gun emoji to some sensitive AF bitch. Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened, like in other countries! What the hell, society? Cassie shares a personal story¬†about sketchy ex-correspondence and Daniel eloquently concludes with “I DON”T FUCK WIT YOU!”

Tinder is full of shit, go figure. There are shenanigans afoot as the ASStrological signs are studied for fucking Tinder pics. Eww. Guess what, they happen to be a bit off with the results, at least for these two.

Remember that thing that Bacon guy was talking about? “Laughter for a Cure”. Daniel and Cassie did indeed go to said event, hand in hand as siblings…? They felt old as all get out due to their lack of participation in mind-altering substances, but nonetheless they had a blast.

Meanwhile in Florida, also in Australia, people are getting dumber by the second. Daniel decides that he is the new “Job”. (Not as in “occupation”. Read your goddamn Bibles children!) Daniel finds a gem of an article about diseases that legit ruin one’s genitals. Cassie then shares a story about how sometimes, she just needs to touch her pussy.

Cassie reads off some actual gold. Some people share what it’s like to fuck their best friend. Of course she and Daniel relate to most of these stories. *Awwww gag*

Daniel gets all hipster and elegant. Then he cries…

That is all.

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