TotTP Episode 037 – Forceful Finger Banging

Episode 037 – Forceful Finger Banging



The long awaited return of one of our favorited, raunchiest guests – drumroll please – Courtney! Yeah, that’s right, she’s back and she’s awesome as always! Right out of the gate, we talk about man rape. Cassie is very squeamish about men being raped. Women being raped . . . not so much. We touch on whether or not drunk people can claim rape.

In other news, Cassie finally sealed the deal with the guy she’s been avoiding for over a year and a half. She must have ran out of excuses to not fuck him. He took it like a champ, bit the bullet and had some fun. Good for her!

Sad Papaw had his party. People showed up and help to fund the scumbag grandkids. Daniel is still very perturbed by this. We let the guilt of our lack of family interaction get to us once more.

Meanwhile, in Florida! A man swooped in and started fuckin’ a chick who was having sex with a woman in a hotel room. The woman noticed “something had changed”.

Have you ever (For the men) woke up with morning wood and a willing (or unwilling) participant, and your body does not want to cooperate? The girls understand the woes of the men in their world who can sometimes have some issues. Sometimes chemistry in the body can be the biggest douchebag.

As we’ve learned on recent episodes of TotT, there are some strange fetishes and things that people like. One article that Cassie found has to do with sex positions inspired by Disney movies. Your childhood may be slightly destroyed.

Cassie has been trying to help her sister learn how to drive stick shift. The results have not been great up until recently when she told her to pretend the stick shift is her favorite cock. Now her sister drives like a seasoned pro! Good job to Cassie for making the best out of a what could have potentially been a dead end learning experience.

Again, in Florida. A man had a bag of crack cocaine under his nutsack. He, of course says it was not his. Daniel admits to losing drugs in his undercarriage at one point.

Domestic violence is a problem, especially when people are fighting with silverware and burritos, like a couple in – guess where – Florida who got in a heated fight in a parking lot with food and a fork. Gotta love America.

Courtney poses the question “length or girth?” Of course, girth is much more loved among the girls, and they talk about sex stories, Daniel gets desperate with his old yearbooks. Courtney discusses her hatred toward kids. Daniel and Cassie lament on their diminished social life. Finally, Courtney closes it out with her sexual endeavors.

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