TotTP Episode 036 – Sad Papaw

Episode 036 – Sad Papaw



BREAKING NEWS: Daniel is riding the Single Train hard and fast these days as he and his special lady have split and gone their separate ways. Daniel seems to be taking it well and is delving back deep into the depths of the pussy pails. Cassie questions his mental stability and asks if he feels as though he has wasted his time. This clingy bastard learns how hipster he truly is and comes to terms with his obscure interests. Your fucked up peeps talk about how jaded they have become from various relationship blunders and how staying friends with your ex is not a thing. Like at all.

Daniel tells a story about how his sizable badonkadonk ruined a Mexican lady’s life. PaPaw gets a moment of lime light on the show and Daniel gets furious about his scumbag grandchildren, while Cassie makes plans to visit her elderly family members out of pure guilt.

Shits getting’ crazy out in Massachusetts yo! Apparently some hooligans in one of America’s safest cities pulled up to some children and asked them to “spit some bars.”…  Cassie glows in the dark. That is all. Lose an inch of cock or get molested, which would you choose? To a young man in college, in a place unknown, the act of being sexually assaulted was less emotionally traumatic than the fact that he lost a little length as a baby when he was circumcised. Cassie shares an exciting article about male enhancements that are a bit…let’s say, FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Daniel and Cassie talk about “throwaway bodies”, getting artsy fartsy with human canvasses and Daniel pitches his new project “On Point Bible”. Pack your diaper bags ladies and gentlemen, it’s about to get weird. Daniel reads some listener mail about a woman with a predicament. Her boyfriend of six years has these pictures of himself in baby gear. *Gasp* Cassie explains how this is the new fad and they come to the conclusion that the best solution to “Dating a Baby’s” problem is to talk to her beloved. You know, like an adult.
Daniel decides to take control (calm down ladies) of this sedentary ship and revamp the whole kit and caboodle. So stay tuned for that shit, should be interesting

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