TotTP Episode 034 – Dem Titties Are On Fleek

Episode 034 – Dem Titties Are On Fleek



Breaking News! Mike goes in for emergency surgery! Apparently that bothersome  “tumor” that had been growing on his kidney for the last 9 months is actually a human fetus! *Groan* *Gasp* *Faint* Needless to say, he was not able to make it to the studio. Fear not TotTlers! Casseh stepped in to save the day.

Daniel and Cassie discuss proper pet names, and their spelling for the various stages of friendship and relationships. Pails of Pussy makes a small comeback and Daniel drops some mad truth about Cassie’s Great Godfather (Adolf Hitler). Russian Lollipops and needy blowjob receivers are chit chatted about.

Cassie explains her theory on serial killers vs. mass murderers, her basic bitch ways and Daniel goes into a survey on which states like which kind of porn. According to the attached map, Cassie is living in the wrong state.


Incest is touched on (heh…heh…). Bitchy MILFs and dusty pocket pussies are discussed. Daniel shares about Life Alert and elevator deaths and Cassie decides she’d rather die of starvation because, at least she’ll die skinny. Oh, and Daniel needs to drink more water. Like seriously. He is going to die.

Daniel and Cassie talk about an Arizona woman who was recently charged with numerous counts of having too much fun. That’s right folks, she was running a brothel. Apparently that’s illegal and she faces some time in the slammer.

Cassie shares a story about an ex-lover and his smelly watch, then the crew experience some technical difficulties and we here at Toe on the Trigger ask you, our literal reason for existing, if you have any messages for Mike. We will do our best to get them to him.

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