TotTP Episode 033 – Dear Heavenly Drunk Uncle

TotTP Episode 033 – Dear Heavenly Drunk Uncle



*Asian guy and Daniel are riding an elevator*

Asian Guy- “I went to a dog beach.”

Daniel- “Grocery shopping?”

Unfortunately, Daniel shares that the above “thug life” response was only thought up in his head. Your favorite dudes switch gears and talk about  Mike’s sketchy, blood-stained mattress and the adventure of moving it. Casseh chimes in with her story time involving some bomb oral sex, abruptly interrupted by an untimely miscarriage. What a cunty pussy.

Daniel vents about click bait and misleading porn thumbnail names. Mike and Cassie discuss role play goals. The topic changes to “Deadpool” and Mike decides to take his little dude. Daniel impersonates God as a drunk uncle and Mike shares his thoughts on God’s gender. You know, if God were like…real.

Life in the 90’s is discussed and Daniel pleads with Mike to give beepers a try. Mike declines, but agrees to settle on a HAM radio instead. New hobbies are important, after all. Cassie ends this week’s episode with another story. This one is about her first bong experience. Let’s just say, her drug of choice was cock, not the devil’s lettuce.

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