TotTP Episode 032 – Better Call . . . Someone

Episode 032 – Better Call  . . .  Someone



After a strange phone call from Mike, Daniel decides to make the episode work regardless of his absence. So, this episode is a compilation of some memories.

There are times when you have to try something . . . different, and Mike may have found something that tickled his fancy. Mouth Rape Yoga, or getting head while the giver sleeps. This, he did to his ex-wife, and Shaft can definitely relate. [From Episode 016 – Mouth Rape Yoga]

Daniel accidentally fed habeñeros in the breakfast for some disabled clients in the group home he worked for; apparently winning him the award for “Hitler of the Year”. [From Episode 019 – Big Piece of Dough With a Pussy]

Mike goes into a rant about lazy homeless people mooching off the system . . . even though they pay Mike’s salary. [From Episode 015 – Bums Pay My Salary]

Some women have a vagina like worn out shoes. This not okay. Also, talk about dating sites, including a site that you can swipe right or left on naked pictures. [From Episode 022 – C U Next Tuesday]

Meanwhile, in Mike’s Single Life, monogamy is the watchword, and Mike is laying all the smooth moves and smooth words on the ears his suitor. A new bit is introduced – “Name Daniel’s Sex Persona” after a brief discussion about how Daniel talks like a black man during sex. [From Episode 011 – Los Nazis]

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