TotTP Episode 031 – Deadpool or Nah…?

TotTP Episode 031 – Deadpool or Nah…?



This week’s episode starts off right with some technical difficulties and Cassie shares some worrisome “lack of period blood in her life” news. Mike talks about a recent hipster experience. Whilst listening to the slew of obscure band names flying off the tongues of drunken  toddlers, it hit him. Mike became uncomfortably aware of the fact that, when it comes to music appreciation, he does not fit into any specific genre.

Cell phones, of the devil? Perhaps. The boys discuss their own struggles with dating and cellular devices and the stain it puts on relationships, both sexual and benign. Mike gets nerdy when the topic of the popular TV show Game of Thrones is brought up. Also, your favorite Mexican opens up about his ex wife’s recent pregnancy and how she appears to be…”mimicking his relationship activities“. Mike then goes on to confess that, while explaining an old-fashioned term to his son, he ended up calling said unborn one, a bastard.

Daniel tells a little story about his “unhappily ever after” massage parlor day with Lauren. Including, a rather eager gentleman approaching him, being abruptly dismissed and then having a little, broken slave woman attend to his…uh…needs.  Sort of.

Mike asks Daniel a loaded one, and receives a flowery response. He wants to know what kind of parent he is perceived as, because you see, Mike has a dilemma. Should he take his nine year old son to see the new superhero movie “Deadpool“, or is it too risqué? Your hosts go on to chit chat about the MPAAs rating guidelines, followed by some irritated parent reviews of the “anti hero” film. Daniel tells Mike that he is just over thinking the whole situation.

Episode Thirty One ends with some light conversation about the decision as old as time “over the fence or through the gate”. Also Mike’s verbage gets a bit sketchy when hes’ talking to his son about…[insert masturbatory slang here].


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