TotTP Episode 030 – Sorry, Not Sorry

TotTP Episode 030 – Sorry, Not Sorry




This show is meant to take the messed up things in life and make them funny. Regardless of potential fluffy feelings, your favorite podcasters want to make it clear that they are going to continue on with their mission to support equality by offending everyone, equally.

Daniel and Mike, while usually on the same brain wave, have a disagreement on air. Apparently that nice lady they discussed last week has a very loyal grip of spies. Long story short, Daniel shares about how he was inadvertently approached and criticized for his. . . . blatant disregardful for the emotions of said totally sane woman. After some thought, Daniel decides that it is best to own up to his hurtful words and expresses his remorse. Mike on the other hand, does not feel at all uncomfortable with the outcome of his story time moment. And as a consensus, they agree. They are not sorry. Rest assured, pure evil does indeed seep from their pores.

Shitty half time show banter and Monster truck rally  disappointment are discussed and Daniel gives Mike a special gift. The boys talk about “single” life and Mike divulges how moving to a new place and his separation from his ex-wife have brought on some depression. On the plus side, Mike is also working on a side gig. . .  a “beercast” coming soon…

Casseh is probed by the dudes and she shares about her life as a Nazi Princess/Mime. This episode simmers out with some light conversation about when it is appropriate to venture outdoors in one’s underwear and how Mike is a full fledged browser tab slut.

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