TotTP Episode 029 – Psycho Batshit Whore

TotTP Episode 029 – Psycho Batshit Whore




Deep in the depths of the super secret ISIS base, your favorite, fearless hosts bring you more stories of just how fucked up life is. If you were one of the two extra special loyal listeners who watched the show live, good on you. If not, rest assured, there are no hard feelings. Mike starts off the show by admitting¬†he indulged in a little liquid courage due to a mild case of paranoia and the thought of someone “lurking over him”. So maybe “fearless” was too strong…?

Daniel wants to know if he is in the wrong for asking ¬†his ex to repay a two-year old loan. When said ex responds to him with severe snarkisim, Daniel feels less shitty about the whole thing. Mike goes into his personal “money loaning policy” and assures Daniel that he is doing just fine and that he probably shouldn’t loan out money to ex girlfriends. *Gasp*

Vulnerable chicks and used car dealerships are compared and the consensus is that the key to both, is the ability to play on their insecurities. Mike and Daniel talk about where they fall on the caste system and get engulfed in a discussion about cultural differences. Most importantly, the great “Hotdog/Weiny” debate is covered and Mike concludes that he is culturally ambiguous.

Remember that story the dudes teased last episode? apparently Mike slept with a married woman and things…didn’t turn out exactly “stellar“. Moral of the story is, alcohol plus psycho equals batshit whore. sadly Mike realizes that friendship is now deader than a doornail, takes a page from Daniel’s book, and brushes that shit right off.

Incest, the show’s evolved purpose and shitty TV shows are gnawed on for a bit and Daniel shares a little about his Special Lady friend and da da da da da…

Episode Twenty Nine ends on the topic of political extremes and how annoying the people who hold them so dear, are.

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