TotTP Episode 028 – Smells Like Welfare

TotTP Episode 028 – Smells Like Welfare




On this episode, the boys are joined by their friend, Cassie – real talkative this one. Right out of the gate, Daniel talks about about his shitty work party and his lack of motivation since hours have been cut.

Though the gang were supposed to record the previous night, some plans came up and left Cassie with some pre-orgasm – or pre-coital – regret that left her and her intended partner thoroughly blueballed.

Mike got some side work in the ghetto where after some racial profiling he left with not only a nice little pay increase, but a fresh perspective on the world around him.

Daniel also got a fresh perspective experiencing a “double first“: His first black girl and┬áhis first hooker. The experience was . . . Mediocre at best. Aside from the crying baby and the stinky, brown carpet; the girl was picky about her services. But hey, sixty bucks is sixty bucks, right?

Is it racist to say that black people just make things funnier? We don’t know and, quite frankly, we don’t care. ‘Cause it’s true. Anywho, Mike buys some girl scout cookies out-of-season and wonders whether he can capitalize on the product. Who knows, it could be a sound business venture.

While gallivanting around the “dark side” of the clear web recently, the crew ran into some dark YouTube videos. One of these (Which was, on a way lighter note than most of the ones they watched) videos was of a boy named “Kai the Hitchhiker“. And, Kai is very interesting. Mike has been following his story and is anxious to see how the story unfolds. Get familiar with Kai, make him your spirit animal.

After a long awaited email from a loyal listener, the question is raised “What does TotT have against paraplegics? As we’re about to say “Not a damn thing, it becomes known that yet again Mike is stirrin’ up trouble with the disabled community at his work. The culprit this time: Some uppity cripple with a complex. Mike has no problem puttin’ this guy in his place.

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