TotTP Episode 027 – Toolshed Dad

January 23, 2016

TotTP Episode 027 – Toolshed Dad




This week’s episode features your two favorite hosts of all time. Which is a nice way of saying the guys didn’t get a guest on the show. Daniel starts off with a story time moment. Once upon a time, there was a youngin’ named Daniel. He and his buddies had a “special'” VHS they liked to call “The Chamber of Secrets”, which was in fact, simply a porno. As the story proceeds, Daniel is left asking himself, “is that gay?”. His “Cinnabon icing” goes flying…and well, you’ll have to hear it to believe what happens. The guys discuss the age their innocence was swept away by the powerful tug of porn mags and Daniel proudly boasts “I was masturbating back in the three finger days.”.  Both Daniel and Mike share other “sticky” stories and the general consensuses is that it’s only gay when one of the guys gets an erection. Also, they discuss how dudes jerk off differently (less gnarled facial expressions) when they have an audience.

Victoria chimes in with her two cents on the topic of “is that gay?” and is dismissed shortly after. Apparently she took the guys too seriously because no one has heard from her since. Mike confesses that he indeed tried to fuck her but she wouldn’t put out. The boys agree that she was simply a phase and that she won’t be missed. “She’s like a PT Cruiser”

The conversation takes a turn and the guys talk about lazy AF co-workers and shitty friends who forget to follow through with gift exchanges. Mike talks about his “first time” on the ice with his kids. Toolshed Fathers galore! Apparently, looking at your phone so much that you miss out on your kid falling over is not, “Father of the Year Award” material.

Ending this week’s episode, the guys tease an upcoming episode that will stream live on YouTube. Don’t forget to tune in! (We’ll have the date for that posted soon.)


Check out clips of the show here:

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