TotTP Episode 026 – Paranoic Despair

TotTP Episode 026 – Paranoic Despair




Back from the New Year and kicking it off right, Daniel, Mike, and Erik start right off with their talk of their New Years’ festivities. Daniel’s New Year’s fun was a dual mixture of sheer sobriety and dabbling with drunkards. He discovered that being the only sober person playing a drinking game can not only get you funny looks, but also a bad tummy ache from copious amounts of orange soda.

Erik did a literal house cleaning, taking care of some laundry and cleaning his room. How boring is that?

Mike, on the other hand, had a fully-packed New Years’ starting with shimmying a girl through his kitchen window, a pause for a vomit intermission, shooting off some guns; and ending with a penis pump that was later discovered to belong to Daniel at one point in time.

Dat Face, Doe!



Now, we rewind to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away . . . *crickets* Yeah, they talk about “Star Wars“. All-in-all, the group decided it wasn’t a complete turd, though Erik, the prequel lover’s opinion doesn’t count for much. Where the group felt it lacked in story and character, they felt it almost made up for in visual and audio elements.

After the break, Mike tells about his experiences smoking the Devil’s lettuce and being overcome with intense paranoia and existential crises. A feeling that Daniel knows he too would experience if he decided to again dabble in such shenanigans.

In other news, Daniel has decided to take baby steps instead of resolutions – because, fuck labels. And, speaking of labels, him and his new “special lady” are going strong. He is amazed at how level-headed and  . . . Not crazy this one is. Though he’s lost a third of his income, things aren’t looking too bad for him.

To end the show, Mike rants about change pockets and other atrocities, hopefully introducing a new bit to the show.

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