TotTP Episode 025 – A Very TotTler Christmas

TotTP Episode 025 – A Very ToTtler Christmas




Merry fuckin’ Christmas to all the TotTlers out there.

Right out of the gate, we kick it off with Erik “Shaft” Johnson and our returning guest Victoria Greyshaw; fresh from her mission trip to India.

The game: White Elephant, the prizes:

Victoria gets porno mags, Mike gets a nice – er -sex kit? Erik gets the Predator- a weapon of sorts straight from “The Men Who Stare at Goats



– and a sad hobo clown with a fake violin. Finally, Daniel gets . . . “Toe Tunes”? Nope. He gets a stuffed dog and a Home Depot card which he later trades for the sad hobo clown – ahhhh, the free market.



After the break we dive into some Ghosts of Christmas past where we learn from Daniel the most gangster way to receive presents for the next 3 months; Victoria gets a strange gift to help with her . . . bad neck, and Mike kills Santa for his kids.

To break the festivities, Mike has a “Thug Life” moment when he gets a little surprise from a girl he was knockin’ boots with. Mike is so nutty . . . literally this time.

In other news, Mike is pulling back on pussy, ’cause there’s “just too much in his life”, Erik declines to share, and Victoria is still a virgin.

To close it out, we delve into Daniel’s fucked up family relationships midway through the 10 worst things about Christmas, according to Buzzfeed. Check out the list here.

This being our last show of the year, we want to thank you from the cockles of our hearts for all of your support these past 5 months. You’ve all been great. Please stay tuned in 2016 for more of our shenanigans! Please tell a friend and hit subscribe! If you have any ideas for the coming year, shoot us an email at

Check out clips of the show here:

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